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49Portable and reliable SDI capture accessory

Bring it with you to capture 3G-SDI, HD-SDI or SD-SDI video and share using any computer with a USB port.


1080p 60 fps

Full HD video grabber at 60 fps

AV.io SDI supports resolutions up to 1080p and transfers uncompressed video to your computer at 60 fps with near-zero latency, letting you capture even the tiniest details with perfect clarity.

Captures high quality audio

AV.io SDI has automatic audio resampling. For situations with surround sound or multi-lingual audio, you can choose which audio pair to capture.

Capture high quality audio

No driver installation required

AV.io SDI is the easiest SDI capture card you’ll ever use. It doesn’t need any special drivers installed on your computer – plug it in to your USB port and start using it right away. It’s as simple as using a webcam! Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems automatically detect AV.io SDI ensuring compatibility with your favorite software.

Application support

Works seamlessly with your favorite third-party applications like Skype, Adobe FMLE, VLC media player, Wirecast and Quicktime.

Share video as easily as your webcam using AV.io HD with your favorite software.

AV.io SDI - USB connection

Built to last

Like all Epiphan video grabber products, AV.io SDI is designed to be strong, durable and rugged enough for daily use (some of our products are even used in space!). AV.io SDI has robust, full-size connectors designed for reliable and repeated long-term use.

AV.io SDI - SDI connection


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Portable and reliable accessory for your SDI camera. Bring it with you to capture and share video using any computer with a USB port. No driver installation required – simply connect and capture!

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